Our English Curriculum


 Teaching our children to read and write accurately, fluently and confidently

 Here at CHAT, our greatest focus is, and always has been, the teaching of reading which has been driven by the vision of our Executive Headteacher, Patricia Sowter. Our fundamental belief is that by embedding the key skill of reading amongst our pupils, they will be given the necessary tools to achieve across the Curriculum and throughout life.


Read Write Inc.

At CHAT we use a learning system, Read Write Inc. which is a powerful way of teaching decoding, fluency and understanding in reading, designed by Ruth Miskin. Read Write Inc. is a scheme that has been developed and supported by Oxford University Press. The scheme is a highly consistent learning system which initially focusses on teaching pure sounds leading onto blending to read words. The programme aims to support and guide children systematically to become independent and confident readers.


Literacy & Language

In Key Stage 1, once children have completed the Read Write Inc. programme, they progress onto the RWI comprehension programme that continues to develop their decoding skills as well as their questioning and understanding skills through exposure to a wealth of fiction and non-fiction texts. The children that have completed the Read Write Inc programme progress onto Literacy and Language. This is a more detailed approach to enhancing the comprehension skills of the children and helps them to develop the skills they need ready for the Key Stage 1 SATS. At Key Stage 1 the children also use their learning from the Core Knowledge curriculum as a stimulus for their Big Write sessions. These writing sessions aim to support children with a variety of writing skills across a range of genres.


Junior English

In Key Stage 2, children who have completed the phonics programme study Literacy through a programme called Junior English. This aspirational programme inspires a love of literature through the study of quality fiction and non-fiction texts. The programme incorporates a core structure of comprehension and grammar skills, taught in context, to ensure children become confident readers and writers with real skills at their command. It covers all literacy and language teaching from Years 3 to 6. Each unit in the programme offers a structured approach to developing all the things teachers are passionate about – vocabulary, deep comprehension, writing, critical thinking and talking as well as explicit lessons for teaching grammar skills – such an important part of the new curriculum. The Junior English scheme compliments and supports our successful approach to developing children’s writing skills through our weekly Big Write lessons.